MOL 2021

MOL is an ACL special interest group dedicated to the study of Mathematical Linguistics, although the organization actually predates its incorporation into ACL. In recent years, as the main ACL annual meetings have shifted in their orientation towards empirical optimization and evaluation, MOL has expanded its mandate from supporting the study of classical problems in the formal language complexity and learnability of human languages to a wide range of theoretical topics relating to language and computation.

We organize a bi-annual international meeting for discussing mathematical approaches that are of importance to the study of language. Each meeting includes invited talks, contributed papers, and a banquet. The bi-annual meeting also serves as the venue for presenting the bi-annual S.-Y. Kuroda Prize for Lasting Contributions to the Mathematics of Language.

The 17th MOL meeting will be hosted by the University of Montpellier as part of the event Mathematical Linguistics (MALIN 2021), which will take place online December 13–17, 2021.

To become a member of MOL, sign up for the MOL mailing list on the MOL homepage. Membership is free, but does not include the costs of attending meetings.


MOL owes its continued existence entirely to the efforts of volunteers within the research community, who organize its meetings, contribute papers, and edit its proceedings, to whom we express our sincere thanks.